Types of Conference Room Setups You Can Consider

A vacant boardroomWith the importance placed on your company’s boardroom, it is not only critical to get the right boardroom furniture in the U.K., but also to achieve the right layout with the furniture. When selecting the furniture, consider the available space and your ability to configure the furniture to fit the purpose of your meeting and the number of people in attendance. Here are various layout styles for your boardroom furniture.

Theatre style

This style has chairs or seats arranged in rows facing the stage area or the speaker and has no tables around. It is highly efficient where the attendees will not need to take notes. The seat arrangement can be straight, circular or semi-circular. To ensure that the attendees do not look at the person in front of them or they do not struggle to focus on the speaker, offset the arrangement on each row. Experts highly recommend this setup for meetings involving a large number of people.

U shape

In this layout, you will need a series of U shaped boardroom tables. Place them in such a way that the open end faces the front side of the conference room. Then, place the chairs around the perimeter of the U shape leaving enough room for members to move their chairs comfortably. This layout style is best for training or presentation sessions as it gives room for attendees to participate.

Classroom style

This style comprises of chairs and tables facing the speaker. It is ideal for meetings that require note taking, provision of reference materials or handouts, as well as the use of devices such as iPad and laptops. It is famous for being the most comfortable layout as it makes long sessions less tiring since you can serve refreshments on the provided tables.

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If you are not certain of what layout will suit your audience best, it is always advisable that you seek professional advice. However, when selecting your furniture, ensure that it can suit as many layouts as possible.