Types of Laminate Used In Commercial Printing

laminated magazine sheetsYour choice of a print’s finish has as much impact on its look as the paper and ink you use. The wrong finish will muddle your print’s appearance and ruin any quality printing. There are various types of finishes with the least costly yet most efficient being lamination.

The laminate is a thin film of polypropylene applied to your print’s surface for protection and to enhance its appearance.  There are different laminates your Australian printing company might have in store. Here are three of them.

Matt Laminate

This laminate gives your prints a flat and somewhat soft appearance. It also doesn’t produce glare owing to its low sheen level, making it easier to read printed information. Matt laminate is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a subtle yet stylish print finish. It is used on restaurant menus, business cards, brochures, and folders. Some printers have an anti-scuff matt laminate version which is protected from scuffing.

Gloss Laminate

This type refers to a shiny laminate used to enhance the vibrancy and colour of your prints and make them eye-catching. Compared to matt laminate, it has a longer lifespan since it is not prone to cracks and marks. Gloss laminate is generally used on promotional pieces and the covers of bound prints like catalogues, training manuals, and books.

Velvet Laminate

This is the newest laminate in the printing industry. It adds a velvety texture to your prints and transforms them into classy masterpieces. Though slightly more expensive compared to conventional matte and gloss laminates, it adds a unique touch to your prints. It can be used for business cards, menus, and brochures.

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After lamination with any of the above laminates, you can go an extra mile and get other works. If you plan to hang your prints, for instance, your printer can insert ringed binders along one edge. The laminated print can also be cut into creative shapes and designs to make it stand out.