Types of Tissue Paper the Hospitality Industry Uses

Stack of tissue papersOne of the essentials in the hospitality sector is tissue paper. Since it makes up a considerable part of your inventory, it is wise to buy it in bulk.

This ensures you never run out of it and you might get significant discounts in the process. Do not automatically assume however that a bulk purchase means price cuts.

Always check and get the calculation right. You can, however, benefit from significant discounts if you get various items from your tissue paper suppliers.

Try to see what else you can buy from the same dealer to maximise your discount. Here are the different tissue papers you will need for an efficiently running hospitality establishment.

Table Napkins

These tissues are one of the innovative ways you can decorate your dining tables. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, styles, and patterns. Manufacturers make table napkins with different chemical pulp and de-inking procedures in accordance with the desired napkin quality.

Toilet Tissue Paper

This is among the most utilised types of tissue in a hospitality setting. Toilet tissue papers are classified according to their water absorption, softness, size, chemical residues, and softness. You can also opt for aesthetic features, such as quilted, embossed, printed and scented papers, depending on your budget.

Hypoallergenic toilet paper is the ideal choice for the hospitality industry since some guests might be allergic to the perfumes and dyes on other products.

Paper Towels

These are a kitchen must-have. They should be highly absorbent for efficiency. In addition to kitchen use, you could also use the paper towels for hand drying, dusting and window cleaning. They are a convenient and hygienic alternative to conventional towels.

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Facial tissues are also a necessity in the hospitality sector. They should ideally be disposable, soft and highly absorbent. You could also use tissue paper creatively to wrap gifts for your guests.