Understanding the 3 Ps of Property Marketing

Real estate agent with buyersThe current real estate market is quite diverse and the one-size-fits-all approach to marketing may not work anymore. You need a more specific and targeted strategy to achieve your goals. The four Ps of the marketing mix theory include price, promotion, place and product.

While this combination is applied to different markets, here are some ways you can apply it to residential property marketing:


Marketing Projects agrees that the right pricing is important for your property to sell. Understanding fluctuations in seasonal real estate prices is necessary to educate your investors appropriately. As a developer, you can be the expert in property pricing and advise clients on why your property’s pricing is justified. Working with a company that specialises in residential project marketing in Gold Coast will help you understand the real estate market in your area and the current pricing trends.


Real estate is both a service and a product you intend to sell. Educating your client on the property is the service you can offer. Tools such as data on the local real estate sales and market updates can improve your service and help potential clients close a deal. Incorrect listings can lead to you getting stuck with your product or taking a longer period to sell. Understanding your property as a service and a product is key to a successful marketing campaign.


You can use a variety of marketing strategies to make your property stand out in the real estate market. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing trends today. Marketing experts can help you come up with promotion strategies that target a particular market or group.

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This refers to your residential project’s location or your online presence. You need a strong brand to communicate effectively with your clients through your digital platform, as well a professional and well-built residential property. A property in an accessible location is easier to manage and sell.

Always consider these factors when marketing your real estate. With the help expert property marketers, your marketing strategy will result in your final P, which is profit!