US Accounts For Biggest Global Share Of Stadium Projects

Fans on a Stadium GameThe total value of stadium and arena construction projects worldwide amounted to US$130.8 billion, with the U.S. accounting for the largest share, according to a report from the Construction Intelligence Center (CIC).

Building activity in the U.S., including stadium seating chairs and roofs, reached a value of US$50.1 billion, while those in Russia posted the second highest amount at US$10.3 billion.

Stadium and Arenas

By region, the Americas’ pipeline of stadium and arena projects took the biggest share of the global market at 41% with a value of US$54.2 billion. Europe ranked second with US$33.1 billion of projects lined up.

CIC said the report is important for industry members since it will provide valuable insights on key trends and analysis on more than 480 construction projects in different markets in the world.

Land Down Under

The Asia-Pacific market has a pipeline of projects worth US$31.8 billion, which could be attributed to a projected US$52 trillion investment plan between 2016 and 2040, according to the Global Infrastructure Hub’s Global Infrastructure Report. China, India, and Japan will lead the ways in terms of infrastructure spending worldwide with 40% of the global market.

As the world’s population will surge by 25%, more infrastructure projects should be in place for upgrading facilities and build new ones. China’s push for infrastructure investments will likely be responsible for more than half of the required amount in Asia and 30% of the global expenditure.

On the other hand, India is expected to spend US$3.9 trillion, followed closely by Japan’s estimated $3.8 trillion budget for infrastructure. The rest of the Asia-Pacific market is expected to US$19.7 trillion for infrastructure investments.

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As stadium and arena construction in the U.S. remains a huge business, how do you intend to capture a slice of revenues from the influx of projects?