Uses for Recycled Metal

Metal wasteRecycling metal is an excellent way to reduce landfill. It also reduces the cost of mining to manufacture new metal. Steel, aluminium, brass, iron and lead are the most common metals that scrap metal merchants, such as LKM, recycle.

The metal recycling process entails several steps. They are: collection, sorting, shredding, melting and finally fabrication. The recycled metal then becomes useful in various ways in industries and homes. Here are a few examples.

Industrial and Manufacturing Uses

Recycled steel can become more durable in an electric arc furnace. And then, it comprises structural beams used in construction. It also has various applications in the transport industry. These include manufacturing of vehicle bodies, train tracks and airplanes.

Recycled aluminium has a place in the construction industry as well. It has the advantage of thermal efficiency for buildings while being resistant to corrosion. Lastly, a broad range of consumer goods is packaged using recycled steel and aluminium.

Artistic Uses

Artists can look at a pile of discarded metal and envision artwork. Many artists can sculpt scrap metal into amazing works of art. Wall hangings and decorative pieces made from recycled metal grace many homes and office walls. Jewellry designers have also taken up the use of recycled metal for some of their pieces.

Home Furnishing

Many of the metal furniture in your home comprises recycled metal. Recycled metal furniture is beautiful and long-lasting. A new trend is coming up where you can make furniture out of scrap metal in its original form. You can have chests out of airplane doors, chairs out of car bonnets and other exciting recycled furnishings.

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Studies show that recycling metal has caused a decline air pollution by 86% and water pollution by 76%. The scrap metal industry is a growing industry and employs hundreds of workers. With all the uses of recycled metal and the benefits of recycling, it’s time for you to get recycling.