Using Your Words to Inspire: The Art of Inspirational Public Speaking

MicPublic speaking with the specific purpose to inspire people is a bit different from just delivering a speech. While the same basic concepts still apply, inspiring people with your voice and words requires more thought.

Here are ways you can use your voice to inspire:

Choose the right moment

You need to choose the perfect moment to be one of the most effective and convincing inspirational speakers. The moment has to be one when the stakes are high, or when things are on the brink of success and failure.

Be clear with your message

After pinpointing the perfect moment, you need to be clear about the message. What would people gain from your speech? Communicate the message concisely, so your audience will better understand what you are saying. Don’t go for grey areas.

Use feelings to relate to your audience

Make your audience empathize with you. Connect with them by identifying what they want to hear. This can be a great way to inspire them towards your goals. Use anecdotes and personal stories, so they can better relate to your speech.

Keep it simple

Outline your speech with a maximum of three key points. Use call to action words such as “identify,” “create,” and “develop.” When used subtly, these words can take root in the mind of your audience and make them act. Create a dynamic and motivational speech -one that can truly inspire people and give them the initiative to work on their goals.

Don’t overstuff your audience with information

Choose what is essential to ensure your audience will understand your point. Focus on those things and reinforce them through examples. Longer speeches are more suitable for other purposes. When your purpose is to inspire, you have to keep the momentum.

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Words of inspiration can change the life of an individual, so make every sentence count and worth hearing during your speech.