Wash and Wear: Laundry Pointers for School Uniforms

UniformWhen washing your child’s school uniform, you need to know how to better care for them even when they are in the wash. School uniform supplies are items you need to protect, as your child will be wearing them throughout the school year.

An active child will be bringing home wears and tears in his uniform. The last thing you need is that happening in the wash.

Perm-A-Pleat shares a few reminders on caring for your child’s uniform when washing:


This is already standard laundry rule (white with white, coloured with coloured, black with black). With school uniforms, it goes further. Wash similar items of the same material. Thick material can always wear down the more airy ones, so keep them in separate washes. If you can treat the whites with bleach or soak them in detergent to minimise the cycle time, do so.

Turn Everything Inside Out

Before you even throw them in the washer, turn them inside out to reduce the possible wear and discoloration on the external parts of the uniform. Doing so also protects the buttons, hooks and snaps attached to the uniform. This is also a good trick with all the other uniform pieces and even your normal everyday clothes.

Be Gentle

Hot water can reduce the colour integrity of clothes. If possible, set your water temperature to tepid or cool. Set the dryer to the most minimum possible temperature, as well. Choose a gentle and eco-friendly detergent just to prevent damaging the uniform. Most importantly, choose a gentle cycle for laundering those uniforms.

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These three reminders can preserve the quality of your child’s school uniform. This will prevent you from buying another set of uniforms come the next academic year.