What All Sought-After Wedding Planners Have in Common

Wedding favors for guests Wedding planning seems like a glamorous job, and there are now a lot of people investing to penetrate this prolific industry. It does pay a lot of money, but it will take a while before you get there.

Being organized and detail-oriented is not enough. It takes more than that to be successful in this industry. Find out the common characteristics of wedding planners.

You Must Have Excellent Communication Skills

As what writer Sandy Malone said in her article on the Huffington Post, a degree in event planning would not have much use if you don’t have strong communication skills – both written and verbal. The good news is, you can hone your communication skills with consistent practice.

You Must Be Resourceful

If you are just starting in the industry, you have to take on small projects. You need to get acquainted with suppliers that cater to your needs. For example, if your client wants an expensive wedding theme but their budget doesn’t have much room for customization, you must know suppliers of wedding items for rent in St. Paul, MN that can work around the budget.

You Must Practice Empathy

Yes, you have grand plans and big ideas for a beautiful wedding, but you have to prioritize your client’s needs even if they don’t necessarily suit your style. Be a good listener, trying to be in your client’s shoes and supporting them. However, you should also tame their ideas if these are unrealistic and undoable; try to meet halfway. At the end of the day, what makes your event successful is when you see your clients pleased with the results.

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You Must Value Your Relationships With the People That You Work With

You should value your relationships not just with your clients but also with other people in the industry such as the caterers, photographers, venue owners, stylists, and other suppliers. Be professional with everyone all the time. You will not only be recommended by your clients but by the other people that you closely work with, as well.

Being a wedding planner is an exciting job and one that is never going away anytime soon – or ever. No technology can ever replace what wedding planners do. To be good at this job though, more than experience, you need to have the right kind of skill sets and attitude.