What Every Pet Owner Must Know When Travelling to Uluru

Visiting UluruFor many pet owners, an adventure to Uluru is not really an adventure without their beloved furry friend in tow. Fortunately, you won’t have to leave your beloved pet alone in your home since there are caravan and camping grounds in Uluru that allow pets inside the property. Be sure to plan ahead and keep these guidelines in mind.

Take Time to Prepare Your Furry Friend

Before hitting the road, make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that they’re wearing proper identification like dog tags and collars. It’s likewise important to avoid pet sickness, so feed your pet at least three hours before heading out. Ask your vet for pet-friendly tablets that can minimise travel sickness.

Always Keep a Lookout on your Pet

Ensure that your pet is comfortable and content while on the road. Have water and snacks handy and make ample stop for bathroom breaks and exercise. If you are taking a bird or cat along, cover the carrier with a blanket, so that they’ll stay calm and won’t be overstimulated.

While staying in the Uluru camping ground of your choice, make sure to keep your pet in check (especially at night) so he won’t bother other campers. Bring a leash that is strong enough to bear the brunt of your pet’s agitation. In addition, even if your pet is the most mild-mannered dog around, consider packing a muzzle since you’ll never really know how your dog will react to his new surroundings. And always clean after your pet.

Packing Light and Right

Bring food, eating and grooming supplies, a can opener, your pet’s vaccination papers and proper supplies for waste disposal. Consider taking your pet’s bed (if applicable) and their favourite playthings to ensure his comfort and some semblance of familiarity to his new surroundings.

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While travelling with your beloved pet takes ample preparation and organisation, it will be all worth it in the end. Make certain to know and follow all the rules regarding pets in the camping ground. Remember that pets aren’t permitted inside the Uluru Nation Park, so make sure you can leave your pet in the camping ground you’re staying at when you set off to explore.