What Exterior Lights Can Do for Your Business

Different outdoor LED bulbsInstalling additional security measures is a helpful way to protect your business establishment against burglars. One of them can be exterior lighting, which, if chosen and installed properly, can prevent criminals from breaking into your business and steal your products.

Exterior Lighting and Business Security

Commercial lighting helps businesses in Florida illuminate their area, but these lights can also serve another purpose. A well-lit exterior will allow your security cameras to capture people who are breaking and entering your establishment; a good system might even be able to get a license plate number if the intruders brought a vehicle.

Adequate outdoor lighting keeps your establishment attractive to customers, and it discourages intruders. Thieves like to work in the dark because it gives them cover. When your store or office has exterior lighting, you can stay safe in the knowledge that it will not be selected by intruders.

But to get the benefits of commercial lighting, you need to make sure they’re in top condition at all times. Lighting issues can arise, disrupting evening operations and risking safety. In addition to maintenance, you’ll also want to protect the exterior lighting fixtures; determined thieves will have no qualms about destroying lights. Consider installing panels or mesh wire to protect your lights.

Choosing the Right Light Fixtures

Not all commercial lighting fixtures are the same. Each one will offer various benefits, be it for safety, sustainability, or others. In choosing your lighting fixtures, you’ll need to think about where you’ll need them. For parking lots, you’ll want to look into pole lights. For walkways in your grounds, consider bollards. For illuminating your establishment, look for wall packs and uplights.

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Aside from location, consider your goals. You need to determine what matters most to you, whether it’s short-term cost or long-term benefit. There are three common types of exterior lighting for commercial properties:

  • High pressure sodium (HPS)
  • Metal halide (MH)
  • Fluorescent

These lights offer lower price points but expect to have frequent and ongoing maintenance.

If you’re willing to invest in lighting that offers a long-term benefit, try LED lighting. This type of lighting can produce the same level of illumination (if not better) similar to traditional sources, but it lasts 10 to 50 times longer. It may cost more money initially, but you can save on maintenance costs.

Secure your business from burglars and unwanted entries with the right lighting systems. Consult with commercial lighting services, and protect your establishment by illuminating it.