What’s Benefits Can First-Time Home-owners Get from House and Land Packages?

nice new houseOwning a home is a fortune and an attractive investment. If you are planning to buy a new house or an old one, there are various factors — typically around costs and financing — you need to consider.

Choosing real estate around the West Melbourne area offers the following benefits:

Tax Allowance

Developing a new property offers you the opportunity to claim tax allowances for new fixtures installations and deductions for related construction expenses. However, consult a licensed surveyor to help you prepare a comprehensive tax deduction report.

Economic Benefits

A new house is more likely to cost you less in maintenance than an old one. Considering that the property is new, it will usually come with a warranty. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the costs of services for water damage restoration, plumbing repairs, and replacing appliances.

Customisable Design

Thanks to house and land packages that most real estate developers in Australia offer, you can now customise your property to fit your desired layout from the ground up, which is not possible with already developed properties.

You, therefore, will end up saving the extra costs of renovating an existing house to fit your desired architectural design.

Stamp Duty Saving

Whenever you are considering house and land packages, enquire from your property developer how much you will save on stamp duty as a home-owner or real estate investor.

If you can close in on thousands of dollars, that is good enough money that you can channel to furnishing the new house you are constructing.

When looking for a provider of house and land packages, check their company’s profile to determine whether they have a solid reputation for offering professional services in developing properties. You can capitalise on their professional experience to help you make a plan that will best fit your needs for a residential home.

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