Wherever You Are: Three Ways You Can Stay Fit During Your Trip

Woman StretchingWhen you go on vacations, two things come to mind: sightseeing and food. And if you are little extreme, some parts of your trip may end up being a debauchery. For many fitness enthusiasts, vacations, especially those that you can have abroad, become some sort of a cheat day (or days!).

But if you are the type who wants to maintain your routine, squeezing in some physical activities is always possible. All you have to do is find the time and make the right strategy. Here are some quick tips that will help you maintain that fitness continuity while you are on vacation.

1. Plan it

The best that you can do is to plan. Look at your trip itinerary and plot the times when you can squeeze in some workout. For one, if you have a leeway at the hotel in the afternoon, do some stretching or yoga poses in your hotel room. You may also wake up early and do a quick run at a nearby park just before breakfast.

2. Take advantage of the hotel’s facility

Your hotel or hosts (even your Airbnb host) may have a facility where you can work your muscles out. Is there a gym? Take advantage of it and lift some weights! The pool may also be a good place to work out in and release some stress. Go Zen mode in the yoga room.

3. Make it part of your itinerary

Another way to be physically active during your trip is to make one day or part of the trip dedicated to the cause. For example, you can dedicate a day for some skiing and hiking alpenwild.com‘s Haute route if you are in Switzerland. A hike and camping sesh in a national park is also a good idea.

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Being healthy should be part of your goals. And who says you can’t be physically active even if you are on vacation?