Which Promotional Products Make Good Gifts for CEOs?

Corporate gift handed over by a businessmanAt its core, marketing is not about looking for prospects in the hopes to generate a profit. It is about building and nurturing relationships. Of the many ways to market, one stands out as an effective method to boost the connection: promotional products.

Corporate gifts remain relevant, but it pays to be less generic and get smart with your choices. For example, what gifts will resonate better with CEOs?

1. Pens

Pens may be a common corporate gift, but they’ve maintained their charm and effectiveness. In a survey among CEOs and executives, more than 85 per cent said they still had gift pens with them. Moreover, 18 per cent were more likely to keep these writing instruments than other gifts, such as calendars, mugs and notebooks.

2. Travel Bags

Most CEOs lead the busy lifestyle. In the 2015 survey by CEO.com, majority of CEOs spent more than 56 hours a week on working. On average, they perform their role for at least 10 hours a day. Of those who travel, over 85 per cent of them does so between 1 and 10 days a month.

Travel bags, then, make perfect sense, but it’s also ideal to have different choices for sizes. Companies like Novelli offer luxury travel accessories, including trolleys for longer trips and strap bags for overnight or two-day travel.

3. Watches

The best CEOs tend to have time for everything. This what the CEO.com survey suggested. They spend about two hours with their family. They don’t linger on social media and movies. Instead, they exercise for almost an hour daily. Most of them allot more than 2 hours for meetings.

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While a good number are now shifting to smart and fitness watches, many still prefer the old-fashioned, elegant watch.

Corporate gifts are great tools for building a good relationship. But remember to complement them with sincerity, honesty and credibility.