Why All Expats Should Have a Funeral Plan

saving up for funeral plan on a pink piggy bankRecord numbers of people flock to Spain for their holidays, and this love affair continues even into their twilight years. More people choose to move abroad to enjoy good weather, beautiful scenery and delicious foreign cuisine. The influx of Brits to Spain inevitably means that more people are dying there, so what happens if an expat dies abroad?

The Complications of Dying Abroad

Repatriating a deceased person to the UK might be complicated and expensive if arrangements have not been put in place. International undertakers are needed, as well as a certified English translation of the death certificate, a certificate of embalming, a coffin that meets Spanish requirements (requirements for the type of coffin vary from country to country) and official authorisation from the authorities to move the body. International transportation fees can be very high.

Once the deceased is back in the UK, there are more hoops to jump through. If cremation has been chosen, relatives will have to obtain permission from the Home Office before it can take place.

Make Life Simple with a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

When planning to retire abroad, one important plan that you should not be skipped is a funeral plan. Expat pre-paid funeral plan providers in Spain can offer one that covers everything you need so that when the end comes, the people you leave behind are not left to pick up the pieces. Expat funeral plans include the following:

– Mortuary fees,

– Advice on how to get certification,

– Embalming and transportation of the deceased,

– Regulation-approved coffin,

– Repatriation to the UK, and

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– All funeral arrangements, for example, cremation and flowers.

Pre-paid plans ensure that the family can get their loved one back home with minimal red tape, leaving them room to grieve. It also means that the policyholder will not go unclaimed abroad or be buried in a ‘poor’ grave—a good choice all around.