Why Direct Response Marketing Creates Sales

A woman holding a sign that says 'Direct Marketing' There are many approaches to marketing today, but one of the most famous and proven ways to increase revenue and website traffic is direct response marketing. This is a marketing strategy where you encourage customers’ responses.

Browse around commercial websites today and you might discover a popup asking you if you would like to know more about their product. Clicking yes would get you a call or an email from a representative of that company. This is direct response marketing, when your response is sure to get a company representative’s attention.

Direct Response Television

According to Entrepreneur.com, direct response TV advertising is a form of marketing that encourages its audience to directly respond to the advertisement. This can be through a toll-free or local phone, an email or an SMS message. Oftentimes, these marketing efforts last between a few minutes and half an hour.

Only on TV

Most of the products you see for direct response TV are not normally seen in store shelves of brick and mortar retail outlets. Another thing you will notice is the presence of a telephone number, email or website in the advertisement. This type of marketing task has been known to help make an upsurge in sales and also increase traffic to your website.

Direct Response Magazines

Working in the same principle as its TV counterpart, direct response magazines oftentimes show an advertisement with call-to-action button or information. Such information may include a toll-free number or a QR code that can be read by your smart phone or other mobile devices. It could also be a coupon that you can redeem at a particular brick-and-mortar store. All of these things produce measurable and direct actions from your target customers.

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Other Direct Response Platforms

The concept of direct response marketing can be applied in almost all types of media, whether online or offline. Marketing research has also found that big, multinational corporations use email as one of its direct response platforms. They would usually include call-to-action buttons and a plethora of other strategies that encourage target customers to provide a response.

Since responses are personalized, a good business relationship ensues. Customers feel special and pave the way for a lasting business relationship that converts into sales. So, wonder no more at what marketing program you should launch to increase traffic and sales—direct response marketing may just hold the key.