Why Do You Need to be Specific in Value Propositions?

Value proposition being writtenAre you wondering why your sales numbers are under performing? One of the factors why this is probably happening is because of a poorly crafted value proposition. The latter can make or break your campaign and branding, so you need to take steps to improve it. Many well-known media agencies from Melbourne and the rest of Victoria noted that you need to be specific when you create this.

Here are some of the things you want to be included in the value proposition:

Benefits Defined

You need to reduce the amount of guessing and reading between the lines when you want your target customers to choose you over the competition. Defining the advantages of your products and services clearly leaves little to no room for confusion. Be specific on how fast you can deliver results and how easy it’s to use your product when highlighting the benefits of your brand. This way, you can convince a potential customer to finally make a purchase.

Results People Relate To

Even if your products have the best features, use quality materials and science-backed claims. You need to add context to these to convey your message and get the attention of your audience. Remind your intended market of their current problems and how you can help them solve it. Provide short testimonials and focus on how one particular customer’s situation improved after choosing your brand.

Show the Value

Describing what customers get and what you can do for them are two ways to show the value of your brand. Be clear on the functions and features of a product and how your services work to create a good value proposition.

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Prioritise Differentiation

The value proposition is about creating differentiation; what makes you different from the rest? State this clearly to gain a unique proposition in the minds of your intended audience.

A clear and specific value proposition leaves no room for confusion, and this drives your brand’s differentiation home. Doing so allows you to hold a unique position in the minds of your target market.