Why Getting Rid of Bedbugs is Crucial

A Bed BugBedbugs are all around you. You may not have any inside your house, but they could easily get in by bringing in clothing, furniture, luggage and beddings from outside your house. You can find these pests even in clean establishments and homes on virtually any surface.

Ridding your property of bedbugs is not similar to eliminating a few pests around your house. A complicated process often will not always work with DIY techniques. The only way to purge your property of bedbugs is by hiring a well-equipped and skilled bedbug control service such as Custom Bedbug.

Here are some reasons why bedbug eradication is so hard.

Bugs are now resistant to pesticides

According to entomologists, bedbug populations have established resistance to currently used pesticides by mutation of a particular genome found in their bodies. The mutated gene sequence encodes specific proteins and enzymes, which help bugs degrade the pesticide or prevent it from entering their body.

They might look unchanged to your naked eyes, but bedbugs are always evolving.

They multiply rapidly

One female bedbug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. Within several weeks, the offspring also reproduce. Two bugs introduced into an environment take only a few months to increase their population exponentially. They can breed three to four generations in a year.

They can survive long periods without a meal

Bedbugs can live for long periods without feeding. Entomologists have discovered that adult bugs can still live for up to 500 days, with nymphs surviving for months with no blood meal. Leaving premises uninhabited for several months will therefore not kill these pests.

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If you spot one bug, chances are a lot more are hiding somewhere. They will treat and clean every possible place these pests can hide. It is time to kick these dangerous little parasites out of your property by hiring professionals.