Why Pinterest is Great for Entrepreneurs

Friday, 19 July 2013 Written by Jessica Cheney

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a small, medium or large business, you need Pinterest!

1. Pinterest VS Other Social Media Platforms

Why is Pinterest important for your marketing strategy? While Facebook and Twitter may be king in the social media stakes, Pinterest is definitely climbing in rank. In fact, Pinterest is the fourth biggest social media platform (only after Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and research shows that almost half of all Pinterest users use the social platform to engage and interact with their favourite retailers and brands. Compare this with only one quarter of Facebook users doing the same and it’s easy to see the higher engagement levels of the Pinterest audience.

2. Target Your Target Audience

As of June 2013, almost 50 million people use Pinterest. With this figure up from just 7 million in December prior, it is evident the social media platform has no plans for slowing down. When thinking about your target audience, consider how the members you want to attract are using Pinterest and what type of categories they may be interested in, as well as the type of content they are pinning.

3. Get Visual – Even If Your Brand Isn’t

With Facebook’s recent addition of video to Instagram, the digital world is only going to become more media rich and visually driven. If your product or service is not particularly photographic, or a traditional bricks and mortar store, don’t worry! Think outside the box for board creativity. Your boards don’t need to align strictly with business – incorporate your own personality and flair! For some inspiration, don’t forget to check out the top categories on Pinterest (the top two being food and drink and DIY and crafts, followed by home décor, hair and beauty, women’s fashion, weddings and kids). 

4. Get Your Content Recognised

Not only is Pinterest great for content and idea generation, but it is an excellent platform for content promotion. To get the most out of Pinterest, ensure you are pining images from all blogs, social media profiles and webpages to your account with a trackback link to the original source of image. As the image becomes shared and liked, your website will benefit from NEW traffic. To get the most reception out of Pinterest, think about what your audience needs and wants, as opposed to focusing purely on the sale – a good rule of thumb is to limit self-promoting posts to around 10% of the total posts.

5. Promote On Pinterest

Everyone loves a good deal and with more than 70% of Pinterest account holders citing inspiration for future purchases as their second biggest reason for using the website, there isn’t a better platform to use for business promotion! Some of the most successful competitions are promotional sweepstakes, or ‘Pin it to win it’ contests. By allowing your fans to pin images to a shared board, you will be generating content on your profile, building buzz around the brand and interacting with your audience.

Good luck and Happy Pinning!

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