Why the Home Search Road Leads to Pasig City

a condominiumAs part of Metro Manila, Pasig sits in the middle of two of the most occupied regions in the country, Region IV-A (CALABARZON) and the National Capital Region (NCR). Based on the Philippine Statistics Authority’s 2015 national housing statistics, which is the latest data released, there were 24.22 million housing units available in the country that year. Of these, CALABARZON occupied the most number at 3.30 million, followed by NCR at 2.97 million.

Given that Pasig City’s surrounding areas are densely occupied, it will just be a matter of time before home seekers train their sights on the city, and that won’t be a bad thing. If you’re in search of homes or condominiums for sale, these are the reasons you must consider Pasig:

Pasig Offers a Huge Selection of Jobs

Pasig is a goldmine of opportunities. Ortigas Center, the city’s main business district, is home to many companies in different fields. If you want to jump start your career in media, advertising, IT, or BPO, you can find jobs in that field here.

Getting Around Won’t Be a Problem

You can easily get in, around, and out of the city with the many transport options. Because Pasig River bisects the city and others in NCR, you can opt to travel via the Pasig River Ferry. MRT 3 also goes through Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas, and Santolan. Of course, C-5 is always an alternative to get to and from the city.

Pasig LGU is a Green Movement Leader

To become a greener city and in the midst of Pasig River’s continuous rehabilitation, Pasig City is leading the green city movement. The LGU commissioned renowned urban planner Paulo Alcazaren to create the city hall’s green rooftop. The city also encourages its citizens to go car-free every Sunday along Emerald Avenue, and government employees in the city have access to the Tutubi, a bicycle-sharing program that encourages riding a bike to work instead of commuting.

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With its restored plazas, historic churches, and skyscrapers, Pasig City is a perfect mix of old world charm and technological progress. You’d want for nothing if you live in this city.