Your Galloping Friend: What Makes Horses Truly Awesome

White horseHorses are often thought of almighty and powerful animals; even a unit of power is named after them. They are majestic, elegant, and at times, aloof. These are perhaps some of the reasons people think these animals are intimidating and quite scary. And because people are quite scared, horses somehow become an under-appreciated animal.

But this should not always be the case. Horses are cool and good for many reasons. Maybe your prior perceptions are what keeps you from appreciating them. To change your mind, here are some of the best reasons your equine friend is awesome and great.

They are used for therapies

Given their gentle demeanor and relationship with humans, horses are used for various types of therapies. With their sharp instincts, they have learned how to “read”, “listen”, or even “observe” humans. There are even establishments that offer equine-assisted counseling in Phoenix, Arizona.

They are intelligent

Horses are some of the smartest animals in the world. As they are one of the animals that are tended by people since the early times, it only makes sense that their intelligence is what has kept their association with humans. Through conditioning and trial and error, they have learned how to respond to different situations, especially knowing that humans are handling them.

They are friendly

The age-long association between humans and horses has forged a valuable bond. They can recognize their owners, as some studies suggest. And much like dogs, horses can recognize the emotions of their owners. But of course, before you get too friendly with horses, you need to associate yourself with them slowly.

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In a nutshell, horses are intelligent animals. They can perceive changes happening around them. They can sense people and their emotions, which helps in various ways. Isn’t that cool?